our firm

             Ayafune International Patents & Trademarks was founded on February 2002.  Our firm is not large size, however our service covers not only domestic or foreign application of patents or trademarks, but also expert opinion, consulting and so on.

              The importance of intellectual property increases more and more recently.  All our members pursue to be the IP specialist who can consider not only Patent law and Trademark law, but also Copyright law, Unfair competition prevention law and so on, can obtain rights and make the most of it.


              What do you think of the work of a patent firm at first?  We file the domestic application to obtain the right in Japan and the international application to obtain the right in a foreign country as the procedure to obtain the right of patent, trademark and so on.  It is necessary to prepare specification, claim, abstract and necessary drawing and to file them to the Patent Office of each country where the applicant would like to obtain the right.

              Preparing these applications, the most important thing is to understand a technical feature  of an invention and to evaluate the range of the invention should be protected in Patent Law.  Also, intellectual property law such as patent law is mostly classified into economic law, and is revised frequently along with the modern era of expanding globalization which many people, material things and art move across national borders. 

              Therefore, it is necessary to continue to study on the basis of the art learning in university, graduate school and company, and to learn the law.

              Briefly speaking, our policy is that art and law are the a pair of wheels of our work, because it is important thing that how the art is protected by law in patent.  We would like to work for satisfaction of our clients, keeping balance between the pair of wheels well.  

              Also, trademark being obtained, it is easy to eliminate infringing products and to build your brand.

              We aim to work that domestic or international total intellectual property are able to be protected by patent as the technical aspect and by trademark as the brand-building aspect.


              Ayafune means a ship which brings dream, hope and fortune from Niraikanai, where is the world of God over the sea appearing in the legend of Ryukyu Islands.

              We named our firm "Ayafune" hoping that we become the ship which bring a dream, hope and fortune to our clients when we founded the office.