Invention is a splendid technical creation which is created by human thought.  To enhance the value of the creation, we find the invention deeply thorough the close communication with our clients to obtain the broad and strong right, which is considered about the overseas expansion, while functioning as outsourcing of intellectual property department occasionally.  

              Our fields of specialty relate to a variety of field, such as computer, information and communication, graphic and image processing, optical technology, semiconductor, mechanical structure, audio technology, broadcast technology, motor control of electric vehicle, information processing, medicine, chemistry, biotechnology, immunity, environment, and food.


              We have many experiences and results of not only domestic application which is filed in Japan by Japanese company, but also the application which is filed from Japan to foreign countries by Japanese company, and the application which is filed from foreign countries to Japan by foreign company or requesting of foreign patent firm, to obtain the right cooperating with domestic and foreign attorneys.


              Trademark plays an important role to distinguish one’s own products and competitor’s products, and to protect the business reputation.

              We have many experiences and results of a variety of trademark application used for new product or patented product.


              Also, we also have know-how to obtain the trademark right via Madrid protocol to prevent the unauthorized use of trademark domestically and overseas cooperating with domestic and foreign attorneys.



             We have experiences and results of license negotiations and contracts, which are among domestic companies, between domestic company and foreign company, between foreign company and domestic and foreign university, assignment negotiation, cooperative study contract and so on besides applications of patent, trademark and so on.

              Also, regarding trials, we have experiences and results of trial for patent invalidation, expert opinion, infringement suit, litigation rescinding a trial decision and so on.


              We also analyze the patent of patent holder, conduct a consultation about intellectual property for patent and trademark strategy.  Moreover, we conduct a consultation about management including intellectual property with tax accountant and registered management consultant.