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 After graduated the University of Tokyo, Mr. Itsuo SHIBATA worked for Mitsubishi Electric Corporation for thirteen years as a specialist for the design of computer hardware.  Then, he entered the patent profession in 1992.

 He deals with patents relating to the field of electronics, physics, communications, optics and so forth. 


B. S. in Science (Physics, University of Tokyo, 1977)

M. A. in Science (Graduate School of High-Energy Physics, University of Tokyo, 1979)

His teacher, Professor Koshiba, is a Nobel Prize winner.


Prior affiliation: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Computer Hardware design

                                         :Soei International Patent Firm

                                              :Tateishi & Co., Patent firm


 After graduated Saitama University, Ms. Fujiko Shibata joined Nippon Roche Research Center as a researcher and worked for thirteen years.  First 3 years she studied microbial screening of secondary metabolites produced by a variety of microorganisms.  Next, she joined to Interferon project group and established antiviral assay system of Interferon, serum antibody titration assay system, and the like for 5 years.  Then, she studied drug metabolism of anti-cancer agents in vitro and in vivo for 5 years.  She entered the patent profession in 1992.  She deals with patents relating to the field of pharmaceuticals, immunological science, biotechnology, polymer science, environmental science and so forth.


 She handles both domestic and foreign patent applications, also trademark applications including Madrid protocol cases.  She had experiences for an appeal against decision of rejection, invalidation trial, and litigation for a trial decision.  She also handles license agreement both in Japanese and English, and collaborative research. 


 From April of 2015, she is a deputy director general of International Activities Center,  and she is in charge of Americas committee in the foreign information division, which introduces decisions and orders by CAFC and the US Supreme Court, etc. to Japan patent attorney association (JPAA) members. 

From 2008 to present, she is belonging AIPLA project group of JPAA and several times became a speaker for Japanese patent law revision and others in Tokyo and Washington DC.  Also, from 2011 to the present, she is a main organizer of Women in IP Law meeting in Tokyo held in April. 

From 2009 to the present, she is a lecture of Saitama University to give IP lectures to students, and she also gives an IP lecture to the student in Osaka University. 

From April of 2014 to the present, she is an ordinary councilor of JPAA, and from April of 2013 to March 2014, she was a deputy director of JPAA for international affairs.  She joined Global IP Summit 2014 in Toronto, and gave a short presentation under the title of “Development of Amicus Brief Practice in Japan”. 

From April of 2012 to March of 2013, she was an examination board member of Japanese Patent Attorney examination. 


B.S. in Engineering (Environmental Chemical Engineering, Saitama University, 1979)

Prior affiliation:  Nippon Roche Research Center

                                          (Japan Branch of Hoffman la Roche in Switzerland)

                            Ion Patent Firm

                            Hiraki & Associates

                            Tateichi & Co., Patent Firm

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